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Wednesday Television: Bones and LOST

Remember that comments probably contain SPOILERS!

What a great episode. And I figured out part of the conclusion within the first five minutes of the episode. I figured out that the assistant was a killer. I thought he was *the* killer, but he turned out to be one of three. So what do you think Sully's going to tell Brennan next week? And is she going to choose Booth or Sully? (I say he will tell her that he's moving and wants her to come with...and she stays with Booth).

I totally called it last season...Claire is Jack's half sister! Remember when they had the flashback last season where Jack's dad was having a fight with a woman in Australia and one of them mentions a kid? I called that he was Claire's father, and a bunch of people told me I was totally wrong and jumping to conclusions. *gloats* And I'm totally getting into the Charlie death storyline. Anyone have any ideas on why Jack is suddenly chummy with the others? How about any ideas on how the eye patch guy knew Locke?
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